The Speed Spa at The Salon Dublin

Luxury Salon Treatments

At our luxury Salon we offer a range of speedy beauty treatments, designed to offer you all the benefits associated with our luxury salon brands and treatments, but condensed into a convenient time slot that can easily fit into a busy day.

Time. There’s never enough. Which is why The Speed Spa delivers a condensed and curated blast of the world-renowned Elemis expertise. We make the minutes count, delivering maximum results,minimum time.

FIRM FAVOURITE 30 mins €75.00
Microcurrent and sculpting technology. Hello cheekbones!
What’s up jawline? Lovely to see you again.

END OF THE LINE 30 mins €75.00
Farewell folds and furrows.This is where microcurrent
technology meets oxygen infusion to power-up that dermis.

THE BIG REVEAL 30 mins €75.00
Soften and silken the skin by way of ultrasonic technology and light therapy.

SHEER BRILLIANCE 30 mins €75.00
An ultrasonic peel pumps skin cells full of good vibrational energy,
whilst galvanic current flushes the skin with vitality-giving actives.

CLEAR OBJECTIVE 30 mins €75.00
Deep cleansing, ultrasonic vibration and massage detoxify and decongest.

SENSITIVE SUBJECT 30 mins €75.00
Natural anti-inflammatories and soothing light therapy
encourage skin cells to rebalance and grow in confidence.

EYE DO 30 mins €75.00
ELEMIS BIOTEC technology is refined enough to gently
stimulate and tighten without disturbing the fragile skin.

SAVE YOUR NECK 30 mins €75.00
Microcurrents remind the muscle to firm up, while the Arjuna-infused
jowl and chin mask lifts and tightens for super-sleek contouring.

A range of luxury spa treatments available at the Speed Spa at the Shelbourne.

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