Pañpuri Oriental Indulgence Spa Package

Enjoy a head to toe indulgent spa experience with a luxurious combination of Thai massage with a Pañpuri Siamese Jasmine Restore Facial.



Pañpuri is a modern–day skin care and home ambiance line that answers consumer demands for premium-quality, natural products, by capitalising on the richness of eastern botanicals, attractive packaging design and a distinctive brand image.

Based on ancient eastern traditions of natural remedies for betterment of the body, mind and soul, Pañpuri has set forth to change the way we look at beauty and skincare. Pañpuri uses the finest, natural ingredients to create a luxurious range of products focused on eastern botanicals. The product line contains ingredients with proven benefits so that Pañpuri products are gentle for even the most sensitive skin. Pañpuri products contain only hypo-allergenic, natural plant-based ingredients and are paraben-free & SLS-free. They are formulated without animal testing and the only animal-based ingredients used in the line are beeswax and honey.

Pañpuri is an ambassador in the world of beauty, wellness and home ambiance, interspersing design, innovation and luxury, favouring a unique and sustainable lifestyle.

Subject to availability at time of booking.

For more information or to make a booking please call + 353 1 6634685

€259 per person