Meet our Team


Philip Byrne

Philip is a qualified Personal trainer & Pilates instructor awarded through the NCEF (University of Limerick). In addition to this, he has extensive experience teaching kettlebells, spin, aqua aerobics, circuit and boxercise classes.

Philip strongly believes in the benefits of resistance and interval training and these are his preferred methods to obtain a high fitness level. Underlying this philosophy is the belief that goals can only be attained with hard work.

His programs are designed in a personalised manner to ensure that his clients will build confidence and maintain motivation levels towards their goals. Philip has an approachable and friendly nature and he easily builds a strong rapport with his clients – this allows him to gain important insights into his clients enabling him to set both challenging but achievable targets to work towards.

Philip takes pride in his own professional development and is committed to providing the best possible service as a personal trainer. In his free time, Philip is focused on his own fitness and wellbeing and is constantly researching new methods to further enhance and develop his knowledge in the resistance and high-intensity training area.


Warren Reid

Warren is a qualified Personal trainer & Fitness instructor awarded through the NCEF (University of Limerick). Warren is experienced in teaching various classes including Aqua, Pilates, Kettlebells, Boxfit, HIIT, Circuits, Spin and Rehab and Mobility. He specialises in personal training and enjoys coaching his clients toward their goal.

He has a passion for health and fitness, and he believes it is his mission to help as many people as possible become the best version of themselves, and reach their goals through health and fitness.

Warren’s health and fitness journey started with his love for football. At age 14 he began to supplement his football training with weight training and healthy nutrition. He achieved amazing results – becoming faster, stronger, and more explosive and having more endurance on the pitch. Seeing the impact fitness and nutrition had on his game, and his life as a whole, he knew it was something he would share and use to help others.

Warren is dedicated not only to helping other’s to become stronger but himself also. He engages in a wide variety of health and fitness related activities. He is always looking to expand his knowledge of health and fitness, in order to bring clients and members new and fresh ways to reach their goals. He has a strong interest in martial arts and currently trains Brazilian jiu-jitsu.