Meet our Team

David Smith

David is a qualified Personal trainer & Fitness instructor awarded through the NEFPC with Image Fitness Training. David is experienced in teaching a wide variety of classes such as Spinning, HIIT, Circuits, Kettlebells, Core and Strength and Conditioning. He specialises in group instruction and one to one personal training.

Having previously had experience working out in the gym it became a real passion for him when he started attending the National College of Ireland. It was while attending NCI on a degree course in HR that he realised a career in fitness was what he really desired. Having finished and successfully completing this course he enrolled on the Platinum Plus Personal Training course with Image Fitness.

David believes that resistance training is not only good for physical strength but also for mental strength. The gym is a place of escape to get away from the day to day grind and let all your problems disappear even if only for a short space of time.

David’s goal is to help his clients achieve their goals and leave the gym feeling happy and fulfilled. It’s his aim to provide his clients with the best possible guidance in relation to resistance training and nutrition as he possibly can. He is always looking for new ways to improve his classes and his one to one personal training sessions.

Emma Davis

Emma is a qualified Personal Trainer and Pilates instructor through UCD Sport & Fitness. She is currently studying to become a nutritionist through MNU. Throughout her studies, she learned how to teach a wide variety of classes, including kettlebells, indoor cycling, suspension training and body conditioning.

Her interest in fitness began when exploring ways to improve her athletic abilities in various sports in her early teens.  From there she became passionate about fitness and functional training. This can be seen in her classes and programmes which she incorporates a mixture of strength, mobility, flexibility and endurance exercises so her clients can achieve a balanced body and mind.

With an empathetic approach, Emma strives to put herself in her client’s shoes, this is reflected in how she personally tailors each programme to ensure her clients meet their goals. Emma believes that exercise should be enjoyable. This is the key to consistency and not only achieving your fitness goals but ultimately enjoying the process.

Nathan Jones

Nathan’s passion for movement and fitness has led him to travel and explore a variety of training disciplines from across the globe.

With expertise ranging from Kettlebells, Calisthenics, Primal Movement & Martial Arts he aims to implement each of these to his classes adding his own personal touch.

His emphasis is on training versatility and keeping the body guessing with the latest techniques in exercise science and research.

Nathan also specialises as a Personal Trainer and invests a lot of time to each of his clients to see that they rehab old injuries, meet their desired goals and make sure they are always evolving into the best version of themselves.

Warren Reid

Warren is a qualified Personal trainer & Fitness instructor awarded through the NCEF (University of Limerick). Warren is experienced in teaching various classes including Aqua, Pilates, Kettlebells, Boxfit, HIIT, Circuits, Spin and Rehab and Mobility. He specialises in personal training and enjoys coaching his clients toward their goal.

He has a passion for health and fitness, and he believes it is his mission to help as many people as possible become the best version of themselves, and reach their goals through health and fitness.

Warren’s health and fitness journey started with his love for football. At age 14 he began to supplement his football training with weight training and healthy nutrition. He achieved amazing results – becoming faster, stronger, and more explosive and having more endurance on the pitch. Seeing the impact fitness and nutrition had on his game, and his life as whole, he knew it was something he would share and use to help others.

Warren is dedicated not only to helping other’s to become stronger but himself also. He engages in a wide variety of health and fitness related activities. He is always looking to expand his knowledge of health and fitness, in order to bring clients and members new and fresh ways to reach their goals. He has a strong interest in martial arts and currently trains Brazilian jiu-jitsu.

Romana Testasecca

Romana studied and qualified as a Fitness Instructor and Personal Trainer at the Elite Performance and Fitness Academy, graduating with a Level 4 EQF course. She has experience in kettlebell exercises, postural analysis and correction, injury prevention, functional movement screening, nutrition and much more.

An enthusiastic trainer, Romana has an extensive sports background –including athletics, dance, yoga, strength training, running and kickboxing. She grew up surrounding herself with exercise, well-being and good food and aims to bring her knowledge and experience to the world as she keeps learning and exploring while blending in all types of strengthening and enlightening practices to help improve all aspects of your life.

She lives by the principle that we never stop finding ways to nurture our long-term health. When we work with our bodies and start to see their inherent limitless possibilities we open to a realm of exciting new opportunities.

Romana’s motivation and passion will get you the results you have been aiming for. Whether you choose her as your PT or whether you come to one of her classes – it’s all about showing up. With a positive mindset, we will set out to accomplish our goals to look and feel our very best. We will increase confidence, boost energy levels and increase our happiness. Are you ready to push yourself, set goals, eat well and look after your body?

Romana will lead you to realise your most confident, satisfied and developed self. Discover joy in the strongest you.