Health Club at the Shelbourne Dublin

Health Tips From Our Trainers

Take a Daily Dose of Vitamin C and D

These vitamins help support the absorption of healthy mouth minerals such as calcium and phosphorous, which keeps gum and bone tissue healthy. This is an easy way to maintain dental hygiene and fight gum disease.

Increase Your Calcium Intake

After the age of 20, both men and women lose more bone mass than they form so it is important to restore lost calcium with a daily supplement and by eating fruit and vegetables high in calcium, such as dark leafy greens. These foods will also help to lower the acid buildup in saliva that can lead to the breakdown of tooth enamel.

Bring Bottled Water and Healthy Snacks on the Go 

Have a small snack before the cravings hit and you will be less likely to pull into that drive-through fast-food outlet. Don’t add a sugary, calorie-rich drink to an already unhealthy meal. Water is available everywhere and is good for you. Drinking a large glass of water with your meal will help you feel fuller earlier.


Instead of being overly concerned with counting calories, think of your diet in terms of colour, variety, and freshness. Focus on avoiding packaged and processed foods and opting for more fresh ingredients. Cooking more meals at home can help you take charge of what you are eating and monitor exactly what goes into your food.