Our range of fitness classes at our Dublin Health Club have been specially devised to ensure members and guests benefit both mentally and physically from their experiences. The fitness classes available include:

Fit Fusion *NEW*
This group class involves high intensity exercises with a fusion of boxing, core and body weight exercises.

Tabata *NEW*
Tabata is a short interval class that lasts 15 minutes and can be done with a number of different exercises. The idea is to use an exercise that gets the whole body involved, or at least the major muscle groups. Tabata Training can be done with barbells, dumbells, kettlebells or just bodyweight exercises.

Spartacus Circuits  *NEW*
A combination of cardio, weights and bodyweight exercises completed over a long duration to increase endurance and fitness levels while burning stubborn fat away.

H.I.R.T  *NEW*
High Intensity Resistance Training which involves a fast paced class using your body and weights to push you to the limit to get that sculpted definition you always wanted.

Rehab and Mobility *NEW*
Learn how to take care of your body and prepare it for the stress placed on it during workouts and your normal day. Mobility class will teach you how to use certain tools to improve the movement of your body so that you can increase your athletic potential, decrease injury and feel better.

Met Con  *NEW*
Metabolic conditioning is a combination of intervals using resistance exercises with high intensity aerobic and anaerobic training.It is guaranteed to get the heart pumping and the weight loss moving in the right direction.

Spinning is an indoor Studio Cycling Class, regardless of your fitness level, you will get a heart pounding yet low-impact workout while maintaining the ability to go at your own pace. You can burn up to 700 calories per 40-minute session.

Fit Ball Frenzy
A fun workout using swiss balls and resistance bands concentrating on balance and core strength with specific toning exercises for the tummy, lower back, hips and thighs.

The original Kettlebell class that strengthens your entire body. This 30-60 minute workout challenges all your major muscle groups by using the best weight-room exercises.

Aqua Fit
Low impact fitness class which takes place in our swimming pool

Running Club
A great way for people to get into running in a safe, scenic atmosphere, whether beginner or advanced.

Abs and Stretch
Total Abdominal workout, specifically targeting the midsection.

LBT (Legs, Bum & Thighs)
Tone up, firm up and burn fat from your tummy, thighs and bottom with this 30-minute workout.

A form of exercise which concentrates on core strength, posture & flexibility, while leaving you feeling centred and calm. ** please note there is an additional fee for this class

Swimming Lessons
Our private swimming lessons are the ideal way to increase your confidence in the water and improve your swimming technique. We cater for all levels and abilities with the undivided attention of our fully qualified swimming instructors. ** please note there is an additional fee for this class

For further information on class timetables please contact The Health Club on telephone + 353 1 663 4686 or email